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Amazon Account Suspension: Tips to get your Account Reinstated

The self-evaluation is something missing from the Human Beings of the 21st century and that’s just adding more to the troubles; same is the case with the Amazon sellers who always say this all came out of blue referring to their seller account being suspended for no reason. Consequently, the blame-game goes on with chanting boycott Amazon or labelling this trillion-dollar company as biased towards the sellers. Wait! Unlike others we won’t leave you in the lurches; we have got you pampered with all the trick of trades that will reinstate your seller account ASAP. But before jumping onto that, we can take a glimpse over usual reasons that result in your account suspension.


Common Amazon Seller Account Suspension Reasons


Amazon stands atop when it comes to having the proficient techies on board; so, they have their own set algorithms and a search engine too. With knowing all this one needs to know that Amazon won’t be suspending your seller account for no reason, and one thing more this e-commerce platform has nothing personal or grudge with you. They have defined certain rules and limits and everyone is asked to abide them no matter what. Below are the few common reasons behind Amazon Account Suspension:


• Late Shipment Rate (LSR)

• Cancellation Rate (CR)

• Order Defect Rate (ODR)

• Return Dissatisfaction Rate (RDR)

• Selling Prohibited Items

• Selling Inauthentic Products

• Selling used the item as new

• Selling Unauthorized Rate

• Negative Feedback

• Copyright Infringement

• Providing Fake Invoices


So, if you’re deprived of your selling privileges or have got funds on hold that means suspension of your account and just to let you know it is something quite different from the blocking of seller account, which is the kiss of death and it isn’t debatable at all.


The Amazon Account suspension doesn’t mean that’s a ‘bid adieu’ from Amazon side, you can get your account reinstated; what all you need to do is the well-set Plan of Action.

Amazon Plan of Action (POA)


The thing every seller needs to be well aware of is you can’t stand in front of Amazon, no matter how big or right you are, so the plan to sue or knock the doors of the court should be exempted in the first place. What you all have to do is set Pan of Action for your first appeal for the Amazon account reinstating. You need to be truthful about the issues but in a way that looks good enough on paper to receive clearance chit. And if you’re thinking to outsmart Amazon, you’re backing the wrong horse.


Amazon Suspension Appeal


Your first appeal is something to decide your future on Amazon as a seller, so one step wrong you’re out of the business. Whether you reach to the Amazon authorities through E-mail or have voice-call in this regard, you need to be formal in the first place. Moreover, you shouldn’t back your plea with lame excuses; you need to be honest about the situation and try to assure that lag won’t happen in future again.



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